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  • Inverter ACS-355


    รหัสสินค้า:  ACS-355

    ACS355 - machinery drive If you are a system integrator, original equipment manufacturer or panel builder, the ACS355 is our top tier micro drive. It is focused on material handling, food and beverage applications, p...

  • Inverter ACS-580


    รหัสสินค้า:  ACS-580

    ACS580 – general purpose drive When you need simplicity and intelligence in one self-contained solution the ACS580 covers a wide range of options. Ideal for variable and constant torque applications from pum...

  • Inverter ACS-880


    รหัสสินค้า:  ACS-880


  • Invertor VFD-E Series


    รหัสสินค้า:  VFD-E

    Features   Sensorless Vector AC Micro Drive. The VFD-E series represent Delta Electronics low horsepower, constant torque, IP20 rated Drive. Modular in design with flexible extension cards and a built-in PLC...

  • Invertor VFD-EL Series


    รหัสสินค้า:  VFD-EL

    Features The VFD-EL series is multiple function new generation micro type AC drive. It has built in EMI filter, RFI switch, easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high precision current detection, overload pr...

  • Invertor C200 SERIES


    รหัสสินค้า:  C200

    Features The VFD-C200 Series is an intelligent vector control micro drive that provides versatile control modes for motors and includes built-in PLC functions with capacity up to 5,000 steps. It is suitable for harsh env...

  • Invertor C2000 SERIES


    รหัสสินค้า:  C2000

    Features The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control. It features versatile driving controls, modular design, wide variety...

  • Invertor CP2000 SERIES


    รหัสสินค้า:  CP2000

    Features Delta’s Sensorless Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series has extended the idea of energy saving and uses this principal as the basis of its design. The CP2000 is specifically designed for applications such as...



    รหัสสินค้า:  V20

    Easy to install Push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both USS and MODBUS RTU at terminals Integrated braking chopper from 7.5 kW to 3...



    รหัสสินค้า:  G120

    Overview The SINAMICS G120 frequency inverter is designed to provide precise and cost-effective speed/torque control of three-phase motors.  With different device versions (frame sizes FSA to FSGX) in a...



    รหัสสินค้า:  VF-nC3

    Easy to set parameters   1. Showing most frequency used parameters in easy mode. The EASY key allows you switch between Easy mode and Standard mode. Easy mode: Scrolls through a list of only e...

  • Toshiba VFS15


    รหัสสินค้า:  VFS15

    Easy Installation and Programming Users are able to install and program the S15 drive with minimal downtime. Din Rail kits allow users the option of easily mounting the drive onto a pre-existing DIN inside of a cabinet o...

  • Toshiba Inverter VF-PS1


    รหัสสินค้า:  VF-PS1

    Features Advanced energy-saving mode Bump-less function Fire control Sleep and wakeup function My function PTC protection Noise...

  • Toshiba Inverter VF-AS1


    รหัสสินค้า:  VF-AS1

    The VF-PS1 is the variable frequency inverter for variable torque and low peak torque applications, such as fan, pump and HVAC for industrial markets. New function of "Advanced energy-saving" mode minimize the loss of induction mot...

  • Mitsubishi FR-D700


    รหัสสินค้า:  FR-D700

    New standard of inverter - Highly reliable inverter! Safety stop function Spring clamp terminal (control circuit terminal) Long-life design Leading life check function Password function

  • Mitsubishi FR-F700


    รหัสสินค้า:  FR-F700

    More Energy Savings Upgrade of the renown Optimum Exitiation Control The effect of energy savings is obvious Ideal for Fans and Pumps Adjustable 5 points V/F Enhanced PI...

  • Mitsubishi FR-A800


    รหัสสินค้า:  FR-A800

    Precise, powerful, versatile Designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, simple start-up, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-A800....

  • Yaskawa V1000


    รหัสสินค้า:  V1000

    Yaskawa V1000 is a world-class compact current vector drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa pays off the promise of being in con...

  • Yaskawa J1000


    รหัสสินค้า:  J1000

    The J1000 is a world-class compact variable frequency drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa drives have earned a reputation for...

  • Yaskawa A1000


    รหัสสินค้า:  A1000

    The A1000 is the premium inverter from YASKAWA. It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings as well as many other user oriented operational features that make it a first class choice. Fea...

  • INVT GD10


    รหัสสินค้า:  GD10

    Goodrive10 mini budget transducer positions for small power OEM market of common applications, it uses V/F control technique, vector quantization PID, multistage velocity, a dc brake, Modbus communication, and other commonly used functions. The c...

  • INVT GD100


    รหัสสินค้า:  GD100

    This paper mainly presents INVT GD100-01 series inverter used for solar pump, and also introduces the structure, control principle and commissioning process of the solar pump system. Engineering practice shows that INVT GD100-01 series inverter ha...

  • INVT GD 5000


    รหัสสินค้า:  GD 5000

    Features   1. Power Range: 200kW - 3350kW 2. Input Voltage Range: 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV 3. Control mode: Open loop Vector & SVPWM Control 4. Compatible with Synchronous...