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  • E510 E520 Series Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  E510 E520

    Warner Electric E510 brake consists of a magnet, armature and mounting hub for direct mounting to the driven shaft. The E520 brake consists of a magnet armature and mounting hub for mounting to a driven sheave or sprocket.

  • MB Series Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  MB Series

    MB motor brakes are composed of a PB Series brake mounted on a NEMA C-face adapter and cover assembly.

  • PBM Series Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  PBM Series

    PBM Series Motor Brakes are single friction face brakes, activated by power on, and are electrically operated 12, 24, 103,5 VDC. PBM Series Brakes consist of 3 variants VAR00, VAR01, and VAR02.

  • PB Series Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  PB Series

    The PB Series brakes consist of a magnet, armature and mounting hub in a very simple and extremely compact design.