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  • AquaMakks Water Cooled
    AquaMakks Water Cooled Clutches & Brakes


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    AquaMaKKs water cooled clutches and brakes are designed to provide accurate torque control for heavy-duty tensioning applications. AquaMakks™ clutches and brakes are pneumatically or hydraulically controlled and water cooled. They...

  • Kopper Kool Spring Set
    Kopper Kool Spring Set Brake or Clutch


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    For high-energy continuous slipping applications such as dynamic tensioning duties where 'fail to safety' is required. The KK/SS is suitable for end-shaft or through-shaft mounting.   Available in two actua...

  • wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes


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    Water-cooled brakes designed for direct replacement of WCB style brakes. The wcbAM is a new, version of our popular AquaMaKKs® water-cooled brakes. All water jackets, including the float, center and back plate, feature Wichita's...