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  • AirMakks SSB Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  SSB Brakes

    Air Cooled, Spring-Set Air Release Brake The AirMaKKs SSB is designed to provide low speed braking assistance in applications including conveyors, cranes and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and E-s...

  • CCB - Combination Clutch-Brake


    รหัสสินค้า:  CCB - Combination

    For start/stop cyclic applications. The CCB consists of an air applied clutch and a spring applied / air release brake combined in one unit. Designed for dry running only.   Product Features...

  • LIB - Low Interia Clutch


    รหัสสินค้า:  LIB

    For high cyclic and general stopping and holding duties. The LIB is designed for end-shaft or through-shaft mounting. Air connections stationary. For dry use only. Product Features Start/Stop...

  • Low Inertia Spring Set Brake


    รหัสสินค้า:  LI-SSB

    Fail to safety' design for high cyclic and general stopping and holding duties. The LI/SSB is designed for end-shaft or through-shaft mounting. Product Features Start/Stop parts have a low inertia w...

  • Mistral Tension Brake


    รหัสสินค้า:  Mistral Tension Brake

    Product Features Modular actuation and choice of friction co-efficient to provide excellent controllability Fully guarded Integral cooling fan for long life Visual wear indicators...

  • Model LKB Brakes


    รหัสสินค้า:  LKB Brakes

    The Model LKB is a spring-set, air or hydraulic released brake. This design offers a wide range of torque capacities and release pressures, with total attention given to maximizing ventilation for dissipating large thermal loads. This is a dry, di...

  • LKT Clutch or Brake


    รหัสสินค้า:  LKT

    The Model LKT clutch or brake contains identical features to the Model LK units with the exception being the cylinder piston arrangement. Whereas the Model LK unit has a full cylinder covering its entire outboard end, the Model LKT has a doughnut...

  • Modular Tension Brake


    รหัสสินค้า:  Modular Tension Brake

    Product Features Modular design for maximum flexibility of operation Disc specially designed for good heat dissipation at low and high speeds Fan cooling is optional for even higher heat cap...